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Welcome to the wonderful world of Blue Piano, or BPFS.

Now you are probably wondering what the hell that means, and also what it has to do with cars. Keep wondering because I am not going to enlighten you.

This blog will follow mainly myself, but with some close friends thrown in for good measure. We have the future plan to go racing, when funds allow.
Many of you will know me from various forums, with the username of Reechard, I have had far too many cars already, and so have joined a great number. As shame, in the words of my friends, that they have either been shite or french….

Most notably has been my Mazda Mx5 mk1, the pop up headlight cool edition!
It can either be found driving round Castle Combe or local airfields or in various states of work in progress as I inevitably break something.
It is just a poor 1.6 N/A rwd convertable, hairdressers car by some peoples reckoning. However its great fun, quick enough on track to embarasse far mor epowerful cars and yet still slow enough that silly speeds arent achieved on the road when out for a b road blast.

I will mainly be blogging about the progress of the car as it develops over time, but will also compile show reports and events I do. Lots of Nurburgring trips aswell!

Well I have waffled on far too much already, but hopefully this lets you know a little about what I will be posting.
So so long, fair well and good night!

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