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I will appologise now, in advance, as this is effectively a rant!


Has anyone else noticed the growing trend of car manufacturers who are giving their new cars rediculous and stupid names?


I mean Vauxhall started it all off with THE ADAM. Really Vauxhall, why did you think that was a great name for your new hatch!??!

It sounds, to myself at least, that they either have a complete lack of imagination and put no effort or thought into it or that they are trying far too hard to be cool and down with the youth!

Surely with names on previous cars, such as The Astra, Corsa and the ilk, an alternative could have been thought of, no?


As Vauxhall are marketing it as small, funky, cool city car aimed at the new breed of kids, you know the ones, they watch mindless TV, care too much about their apperance and want to be famous for being on Big Brother or that TOWIE shite!!

Surely a name like, The Vauxhall Organic Sweedish Japanese Peace Lily Eurobox could of been used instead?


Renault have also now followed suit with the electric Zoe. Seriously this trend needs to be stopped before it gets out of hand. Unfortunately the writers and coloumists of car magazines approve of this trend. Namel. Richard Porter, of Evo magazine, is an advocate of this from reading his latest article. He bemoans the use of letters and numbers. Particularly Jaguar with the F type, XK, XF and such. Comparing it to household items like dishwashers, etc.

“Ladies and gentlemen, The 2015 Jaguar Kate.”


See what I mean, if the coloumists are supporting this then it will only continue, after all manufactures generally have no link to its customer base and just build what they think will be in demand.

Mr Porter compares buying a dishwasher, with a code name of 0236485-A, and the copmplexity of non-car nutter types deciding on which model of Audi, ie the a1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Most people into cars will know the differences, or at least a few, between say the BMW 323i and a 325i. But those who just see a car as a lump of metal with wheels that gets them from A to B and dont care about model variances and what gearbox or optional wheels a car has, is perfectly fine. They wont be able to distinguish these things, but equally with new names like ADAM, they still will be clueless as to the differences, it will just share a name with their best friend.


And just to backup this mini rant and to reinforce the wrong view of Mr Porter here are a few qoutes from his article;

“…you make it your business to know the differences between, say, a C250 and an E63 AMG.

But to someone who’s not into cars, that’s as much gibberish as the product code for a blender.”


“…what it really needs to succeed is a proper name. XB or whatever simply will not cut it…”


Breathe…and relax!

I hope it isnt just me that feels this way. Surely car names should envoke a sense of desire or pride to own a particular car, as was the case in the 1960s etc. I mean names like the Triumph Stag or the Ford Capri, even the newer Ford Focus, et al. are more agreeable  to this new breed.

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