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I had a weekend of different car things planned, meeting some friends to work on their 5s on Saturday. Helping to wrap the roof of my mates Golf VR6 today, and had planned to make it to Castle Combe for the racing, but wasnt able to in the end.

The only gap was Sunday, till I came across a post on PistonHeads. Prescott breakfast club with the special guests, Porsche Club GB.


With over 80 Porsches confirmed, along with a whole raft of other cars, the day looked to be a great one. I awoke to a nice sunny day, loaded the car with my camera gear. I tend to do this for a number of shows and events and often fail to take many pictures.

I was determined this time to make use of the camera, and hopefully improve my technique into the bargin.


I had a nice walk round, not very often I get to do this at a track without huge crowds of people. Also they had allowed people to take a walk up the hill. It certainly gives a perspective when talking a strole, on a section that felt flat in a car, but in reality was a incline into the first corner.

You can also see how confined a hillclimb course can be in places, and how close people like to get to the walls of tyres and armco, pretty close given by the amount of tyre marks.

There was such an eclectic range of cars, of course all the different variations of 911, but along with Caterhams, Morgans, Mx5s, a Tvr, some old hot rods, a selection of Alfa Romeos, and even a completely mint 15,000 mile 1987 Ferarri 328 GTS.


Not only were the cars fantastic, it was really nice to see a group of people willing to talk to you, share in your love of cars and even go out of their way to help with taking pictures. The 328 owner even going so far as to asking if i needed him to open the windows, doors etc for pictures.

I dont think I have ever seen this at a regular car meet, except with people that know each other, not a total stranger.

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